Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well, what a full and fun week it has been!  We so enjoyed having Jim and Paige Deason stay in our home this week.  It is always so much fun to get to know new people!  Jim preached excellent and inspiring sermons each evening.  Last night's lesson, entitled What Will You Leave Behind? was especially thought-provoking.  I am also reading In His Steps, and both that book and Jim's sermons have given me much to think about, and much to improve in my life.

Jimmy has taken the older three children to Shiloh National Park to run with Koach and the other Corinth area runners.  Then while Jimmy runs even more, the children are going to ride their bikes beside him.  Sounds like fun!  I have Leah and Sam home with me.  We have a trip to town planned (Hobby Lobby, Sam's, and Kroger), and then we are going to spend some time in the pool.

This afternoon when everyone is back at home, and has had time to rest, we will enjoy a family supper of fresh vegetables and then we will work on our Bible lessons for class tomorrow morning.

We plan to finish all of our schoolwork for the year except for reading on Thursday, June 21!  We have to work really hard Monday-Thursday to reach this goal, but we are all ready to check off this school year!  June 22 is our wedding anniversary.  I am not sure what all we will do that day to celebrate, but dishwasher shopping is on my list!

Happy Saturday to you all!

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  1. I'm glad you had a good week showing hospitality and hearing God's Word preached. I hope everything goes smoothly finishing up your school lessons in time to celebrate your anniversary!