Saturday, June 2, 2012

Running With the King 5K

Today our entire family, minus Olivia who is out of town with a friend for a few days, ran the Running With the King 5K, here in Tupelo.  Even Sam!  This was Sam's very first 5K.  In fact, this was the very first time that he has run 3.1 miles.  He has run 2 miles a few times, but this was the longest distance ever for him.  About a month ago, Sam told me that next time, he did not want to run the Fun Run (1 mile).  He wanted to run the 5K!  So I signed him up!

 Jimmy with the children before the race.

 I am carrying all of our race packets to the van while Clay waits to warm up.

The weather was perfect for a race!  I think the temperature was around 60 or lower at the race start (7:30 AM).  For today's race, our family ran in pairs:  Jimmy and Clay--with the goal of breaking 21 minutes, Julie and Leah, and Sam and me.
We all had a fantastic race!

 Leah and Julie after the race.  Leah ran a PR!

 Sam, flying to the finish line!

 Sam's official time was 36:52.

Sam had a racing plan.  His plan was, "No walking, no jogging.  Only running."  That was a lofty goal for a 6 year old!  He stuck to his plan except when we got to the water stop.  He walked for a few seconds while he drank his gatorade.  Then he threw down his cup, and began running again.  
The second part of his plan was, "When I see the finish line, I am going to turn on the speed!"  And he did.  The last three tenths he ran a sub 8 minute pace.  I could not keep up with him!

 Sam, cooling off after the race

 Sam and Jared

 Daily Mile Friends:
Greg, Me, Scotty, Lynn, and Jimmy

 Our annual family photo with the King

 Sam getting his trophy!  3rd place in the 9 and under age group.

 Leah getting her 2nd place award.

My children and Lynn's children who ran the race.

Clay and Jimmy did meet their goal!  Clay ran a PR of 20:30! 


  1. Good job Johnson family! Glad to see Julie is doing better. Have a peaceful Sunday!

  2. Your family amazes me with everyone running and doing it so well. I recently started the Couch to 5k program and I have to say it is kicking my tail. I am 45 and never ran in my life but have exercised. Right now what is bothering me the most is my shins. I started the first week of the program and will need to repeat it for the second week just now way I can go up to 90 second run and 60 second walk. Any tips to help me improve.

  3. Way to go, Johnsons! We are thankful Julie is well and running again. Good job on the PR's. Tell Sam we are proud of Sam's determination and his speedy finish!