Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu and Miles

The miles:
The marathon mileage build-up training program that I am following ( has you run 3 weeks where you gradually increase your total mileage, and then the next week you back off.  Then you repeat that cycle of 3 weeks of building and 1 week of less miles.  For me, this is week 4, so the total miles this week is 12.  I will run 4 days this week, 3 miles each day.

The weekly menu:
Breakfasts and lunches are basically the same here from week to week.  Here is my supper menu for this week.

fresh vegetables
veggie burger
15 bean soup
pasta with pesto EHH 205 or tomato sauce
stir fry vegetables
BBQ wraps
onion rings
cereal or

For more menu ideas, please visit
Have a great week, exercising and eating!

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