Thursday, October 7, 2010


Since yesterday's blog post was titled, Grumbling, I decided to have a more positive title today!

In keeping with my theme yesterday of looking for things to be thankful for in difficult situations instead of whining and complaining about everything, our visiting preacher at our church service last night preached a sermon directly to me. Really. I felt like he was preaching to me!

He had 4 main points about Home Remedies. The first two points were very, very timely and applicable. In fact, numbers 3 and 4 are a little fuzzy in my memory right now....they both dealt with anger.....being slow to anger, the anger of man not bringing about the righteousness of God....but points number 1 and 2--those I remember vividly!

1. Be Joyful. Smile at those you love in your home. This seems like a simple thing, but it can completely change the mood in your home. Try it today. Smile!

2. Use Gentle Words. Why do we use a kinder tone of voice and kinder words to those outside our family? Why do we feel like we can just say whatever we want in whatever tone we want to those most precious to us? This is a simple concept too. Remember Proverbs says that a gentle answer turns away wrath. Who wants to be fussed at all day about every little thing? Try this today too. Use gentle, kind words with your husband and children today.

One more thing! Today is my wonderful husband's birthday! Happy Birthday Jimmy! We have a super fun surprise gift for him today. I'll blog all about it soon.


  1. Great post! Thank you for this reminder! I see the difference when I am intentional in this area. So why do I forget?! :)

  2. Exactly right on target here, Roan! I'm dealing with the same things now, too - and so are several of my friends. Seems like the spiritual battle is extra intense lately. Thanks for the reminders. :-)

  3. Yep, always good to remind ourselves of these things. I notice when I let my thoughts go in the wrong direction, my mouth usually follows. :(

  4. Love the idea of just SMILING! So true, so true! I'm going to try to do that more today! I have nominated you for a bloggy award...stop by my blog to check it out! :) Have a great day!