Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Well, it's been almost two weeks since Jimmy's birthday, but I still wanted to blog about it.
Jimmy was off work for his special day, and we spent the day together as a family, just taking it easy. The morning began with breakfast and gifts. The children all made their daddy handmade cards, and we gave him one special gift---a telescope! Jimmy has been wanting a telescope for some time now, and I actually surprised him. He had no idea what his gift was before he opened it. We have enjoyed looking at the moon and Jupiter. We saw 4 moons around Jupiter!
the kids, the cards, and the telescope

the cards

Julie framed her card, and we hung it in our bedroom.

After a leisurely morning at home, we visited Jimmy's parents for lunch. Jenny, Grace, and Megan were there too, so we had a mini-birthday celebration. Granmomma made Jimmy's favorite dessert--pecan pie. I was so glad that she made the pies, because I have not been able to perfect my pecan pie making!

Jimmy with his parents

the yummy pecan pies

After our visit, we rushed home to get ready for cross country practice. Then we rushed home to get ready for church.
The day started off slowly, but ended quite busy. I think Jimmy had a great day! We all were certainly glad to celebrate with him!


  1. Happy Birthday(2 weeks post)! It looks like it was a very nice family time together.

  2. What great cards! We're still doing school. Fortunately, we were ahead in our read aloud and I didn't even realize it. I had bought the books from my sister-in-law from several years ago, but am using a new IG. So, thankfully we were a week ahead (due to our having a different edition of Johnny Tremain). I'm kind of letting read aloud go for now, but the kids are doing all their independent work. I'm hoping by next week I'll be able to pull my weight in our homeschool again. Also, I've been having the kids read extra books, so they're doing great. And on days when I feel like a complete and utter failure, I remind myself that my two older kids are at least one year ahead in math and science. That takes the pressure off. We've been letting morning devotions and Greek slide, too. It's hard for me to have them up at 6:30 when I'm up in the night. I know this too will pass so for now I'm enjoying those night feedings. It's the only time I get the baby all to myself!

    And I think you're wise to plan your Christmas shopping so carefully. You really are an organizational genius! I know your family appreciates it!