Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Computer ABCs

I got the idea for this fun activity from my friend Kimberly over at Raising Olives. All you do is open another browser window and type each letter of the alphabet, one at a time, to see where your computer thinks you want to go. It really is interesting!

C--Cardamom's Pod This is a blog that I have enjoyed reading for a while.

D--Daily Mile I log all of my runs on this site.

E--Peppermint PhD. I know that this starts with a P, but Patti's blog address begins with an E. Patti is a sorority sister from college that I recently connected with on Facebook.

H--The Homeschool Classroom This a blog that I write for once a month.

I--I'm An Organizing Junkie The host of Menu Plan Monday

J--Julie's Journal My daughter's blog

M--Miscellaneous Musings of a 5X Mom Celee has become a good friend, via the blogosphere.

N--Notgrass Company They sell the history curriculum that I use for high school.

O--One More Mile A running apparel website--some of the sayings on the shirts I absolutely would not wear, but many of them are pretty cute.

P--Party of Two, Praying for More My sweet sister-in-law's blog

Q--Quick Checkout at Disney Store.com I guess that's because I recently did some Christmas shopping at that website.

R--Raising Olives Kimberly is a sweet friend that I met while blogging too.

S--Simple Joys This college girl is the daughter of some of our dear friends.

T--Tell 'Em Where We're From The blog of a real life friend.

U--USA Track & Field I guess it went here, because I was recently looking for a website that had state running records---it was not at this site.

W--nothing came up

X--XC T-shirts I have recently done some Christmas shopping here too.

Y--Your Shopping Cart at ToysRUs.com Yes, more shopping. Except that I haven't actually bought anything from ToysRUs yet. I just placed some Lego sets in my shopping cart while I look around for a better price!

Z--nothing here either

Well, as you can tell, I use my laptop for blogging, reading blogs, and online shopping! What do you do online?

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  1. This is a fun idea. If I type in A, Amazon comes up for me too! I adore Amazon and order as much as I can from them. I sign up for the Amazon Prime each year for a flat fee for 2 day shipping all year.