Friday, February 19, 2010

An Object in Motion

Newton's first law of motion states:

"An object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an external force"

I have been reminded of this law of motion as I study science with my older children, and I have decided that this law of motion applies to me! On days that I bounce out of bed (well bounce after I have had coffee!), and immediately get to work (Bible reading, running, laundry, starting school on time, etc.), I find that I accomplish so much. Once I get going, I am unstoppable. The more I do, the more I can get done. I am a ball rolling! The key for me is to not stop. Because once I rest, it's all over. Most nights after supper, when we are all still sitting around the table, I will look at the table with all of its dirty dishes, cups, napkins, and food. Then I look beyond the table at the countertops, stove, sink--all ready to be cleaned--and then I look at Leah (who sits beside me), and she knows what I am going to say! In fact, as soon as I look at her after we are through eating, she will say to me, "I know, you shouldn't have sat down!" I have said that so many nights after our meal. I shouldn't have sat down to eat, because now I can't get up! It's true. To get that last burst of energy to clean the kitchen one last time, is almost harder than the hours of work I have accomplished all day. It's all because I am now an object at rest, and an object at rest wants to stay at rest!

On days that I don't bounce out of bed, or am dragging for whatever reason, it is so hard to motivate myself to get going! If I sit down at the computer, I want to stay sitting down at the computer. If I am sitting on the couch reading aloud to the children, I want to stay sitting down on the couch reading to the children. So for me, the key is not to sit down. To keep moving. To keep working on my "To-do List". Often times when I find that I am moving slower than usual, or seem intimidated by all that I have to do, I just make myself get going. I know that once I push myself to get to work, that I will become that object in motion, and I won't stop until the work is done!

Or at least not until I sit down to supper.


  1. Hi Gal! I think many of us have the same problem. I drive right through and when I stop, even for a few minutes...I lose my momentum.
    However, I do believe that sometimes it is profitable to lose that momentum. Sometimes we really do just need to stop for a few minutes!

    I hope you have a great weekend. Going to read Amanda's post.
    Blessings sweetie,

  2. Hi Roan! So sorry for the loss that your brother and sister suffered. Her post is amazing! They show so much Christian maturity! I know their whole life story will be a blessing to many in the years to come.

    I am at rest now and after not sleeping very much at all last night I am hoping two cups of coffee will soon kick in or I might not get anything done today...and we have so much to do.

    Sick kids again so we will not see you this afternoon.

  3. So ABSOLUTELY true...I say as I make myself get up from the computer to start laundry and dishes!!! :)

  4. How true- and very much what my own mother is like!

  5. I am the same way! Clay often tells me to just stop and rest, but if I do then I will stop for the rest of the day!

  6. I can't stop if I am on a roll... like Christy said, if I stop I might not start back.

    I wanted to tell you, you commented about your Walgreens and Kroger shopping trips. Wow you did really well! I am still learning too.