Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just so I will remember that some days I actually complete my to-do list, I want to record what we did yesterday. Very busy!

Everyone woke up on time, completed chores, and were ready to begin our Bible lesson at 8:00. I even made blueberry muffins. Usually we eat cereal or oatmeal, but since I didn't run yesterday morning, I had time to cook something. I try to cook breakfast 2-3 times a week.

We all worked very diligently, and all schoolwork was finished and checked by 1:00! It helped that Olivia had tests in 2 subjects--tests take less time than the actual lessons, and also she had read her literature assignment over the weekend. We also finished our current read aloud, Adam of the Road. It was a fabulous book! As always, I am sad when we finish a good book. I am not sure what our next read aloud will be. For today, we will just read extra in our Mississippi History studies. I may begin Minn of the Mississippi today. I am not even sure if that's the title.......but that's close!

We enjoyed a quick lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, and left for piano lessons at 1:35. I dropped off the older three for their lessons, and Leah, Sam, and I went to our family doctor's office. I had to have blood drawn (I am taking some kind of medication for a fungus on my fingernails--I have had the fungus for 3 three years now.....and your blood has to be checked for something while on this medication). Leah had to have some stitches removed from the bottom of her foot. She had a mole removed. Sam is accustomed to taking an afternoon nap, so as soon as I sat down in the waiting room, he climbed in my lap and fell asleep. He slept through the whole doctor visit--through my blood draw and all! He woke up an hour later when I put him in his carseat.
We ran by the bank on our way to pick up the older ones.

Next, I took the children by Sonic for a milkshake/blast snack. I fortified myself with a Route 44 Coke! Next stop, the Midas place. We were there until 5:00. Sam entertained the waiting room, Olivia and Julie crocheted, and Clay and Leah played with my phone. The car maintenance work was complete, and we were off again....to Walmart!

I hurriedly did my monthly Walmart shopping. I was so happy that I saved $16 with my coupons! Wow! I saved $15 at the grocery store on Saturday. Actually, my total Kroger card savings on Saturday was $74! Wow again!

I picked up a pizza at Walmart to cook for our supper. When we arrived home, Olivia and Leah helped me unload the car and put everything away while Julie and Clay ran on the treadmill (Olivia had already run before we left for piano). We ate our supper, cleaned the kitchen again, and then I got everyone ready for bed. Somehow throughout the day I washed, dried, folded, and with the children's help put away three loads of laundry!

I was exhausted!


  1. We start Adam of the Road today. I'm glad to know it's good. We finished The Great and Terrible Quest yesterday. I always get choked up at the end of a good book.

  2. Gosh I'm exhausted just reading all you managed to get done! Sometimes I think it is a great idea to list what we have achieved to remind ourselves we manage more than we think.