Friday, February 5, 2010

A Flip Flop Day

It started out as a normal day.

I got up fairly early, spent some time drinking coffee and reading my Bible, and then I ran on the treadmill. I made sure all of the older children were up, and I prepared chocolate milk for the younger two--so it would be ready for them when they woke up. I was just fixing to shower and dress for the day when I saw the text.

Jimmy forgot to take something that he needed to work, and asked me to bring it to him.

My previous plan for the day was to complete school with the children, put Sam down for a nap after lunch, and then go to town to buy groceries and run other errands (including buying a birthday gift for a party that I thought was on Saturday).

It is a 20 minute drive to Jimmy's clinic. I decided to just flip-flop the day--instead of going to town twice, I would take what Jimmy forgot and then just do my shopping while I was out. We would do school and laundry after lunch, instead of before lunch.

My brain could not focus on algebra very well at 3:30 PM, and I got very sleepy reading out loud to the children. It seemed strange reading out loud without a cup of coffee in my hand.

Overall, it worked out okay. I definitely prefer school and chores in the morning, but I can be flexible. I never did get the clean clothes folded, but we met Jimmy at a restaurant for supper, and then we all went to Barnes and Noble. Fun!

And then I sat down to look at what was going on on Facebook.....and I saw something kind of of my nephew's birthday party.....that was tomorrow! Well, I thought it was tomorrow. I even bought the gift this morning! I ran to double check the invitation that has been sitting beside my calendar for over a week. Yes! The party was today, Friday, not Saturday like I have thought all along! We missed it!

Sam was asleep, and I was doing Algebra!


  1. We've had to flip-flop before, as well, and I do not care for school in the afternoons! It seems as everyone's math is twice as hard as it would've been in the morning, they're more easily frustrated, and there's just an overall lack of motivation.

    Sorry you missed the party!

  2. I have to work on being flexible. Wednesdays are different for us because we go to Bible study in the morning. It still hits me hard every week.

  3. Roan, you know that I understand your birthday party dilemma completely!!
    I am a much better teacher in the mornings as well. I usually don't teach classes in the afternoon bc I'm just spent by then...I also have a hard time concentrating...which makes me not that much different than my students!

  4. It sure was wise thinking on your part to just go ahead and get your groceries while you were out and then go on and teach school. It is about flexibility. Isn't it? Be watching for my post on how to shop frugally. It has been a learning process for me and I am still learning. Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE visitors.

  5. days like this drive me crazy because once I plan something it is hard for me to switch! This is something I need to work on :) I am sorry that you missed the party!

  6. A friend of mine used to say, "An ounce of morning is worth a pound of afternoon!" It has been true for our family!