Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Shoes for Sam

Tow Mater Shoes

I took Sam to the shoe store several days ago to purchase some fall shoes for him. I had in mind some sort of running or tennis shoe.....all he had that still fit were camoflage crocs, and it will soon be too cold for those. While I was searching for tennis shoes that velcroed, Sam spotted the lovely shoes pictured above! They truly are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen! Sam squealed with delight because he LOVES "Mater" from the movie Cars, which by the way he has seen 492 times in the van---viewing it while I cart his siblings to cross country practice, races, piano lessons, etc. Anyway, I could hardly get him to even try on the blue sketchers I chose for him. He finally reluctantly tried on ONE sketcher, keeping the Mater shoe on the other foot. The sales lady boxed up the sketchers and Sam proudly wore the Mater shoes right out of the store. And he has worn them EVERYWHERE since. I think he has worn the sketchers one time.

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