Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Full and Fun Weekend

Friday right after lunch, the children and I traveled to Memphis to meet the newest member of our family--Davis Daniel Simmons. Davis was born October 2. He is welcomed by his parents Rhett (my youngest brother) and Amanda and big brother Wesley. Davis is a beautiful baby! I enjoyed holding him so much! It makes me want another baby!

After our visit my parents followed us back home to spend the night. We were joined by Jimmy's younger brother Russ and his wife Megan. All of our guests had come to attend the cross country meet that the children were running in Saturday morning.

Believe it or not, all 11 of us were dressed, packed and ready for the meet at 7:30 a.m. (This was after Jimmy, Russ, Megan and I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. talking!). Jimmy and Russ set up the tent, complete with the Spartan banner Jimmy made.

The races were exciting! Each of the Spartans improved their times from previous races. All of their hard work is paying off. Of course I was especially pleased with Olivia, Julie, and Clay. They all ran in the junior varsity races which were 4Ks (2.5 miles). Julie placed 1st, Olivia 2nd, and Clay 17th. There were about 100 students in each JV race. I have posted their times in the sidebar.

Julie with Sarah and CatherineOlivia and Clay

My parents and Jimmy's daddy holding Leah. Jim came to the meet too.

My daddy holding a tired Sam

Megan blogged about the day too--check it out.

Russ and Megan intently watching a race

After the meet was over my parents traveled to their home. Russ and Megan went back home with us. We spent a nice day together, visiting, resting, and even working a little! Russ helped Jimmy mow the yard, and Megan watched Leah and Sam for me while I ran. It was a really nice day!

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  1. Hey Roan,
    Just had a chance to catch up on blogging. It sounds like ya'll had a fun weekend! Congratulations to the kids on their races and to you for getting every one out the door on time!!