Friday, April 25, 2014

A Garden Update

I have pretty much neglected my garden since I planted it March 15.  Julie has watered it a couple of times, but we have had a fair amount of rain.  Once, not long after I planted the garden, we had a freeze  warning one night.  I covered each plant with a plastic sack secured with nails.  The plants did not freeze.  Then about 2 weeks ago we had an "almost freeze".  I think our overnight temperature reached 33, maybe 32 degrees.  I chose not to cover the plants, and the broccoli and cabbage weathered the cold temperature just fine.  The potatoes had just sprouted, and the tops of their leaves turned black!  But they have recovered now and have tripled in size.

The corn was a complete failure.  Three half rows of corn planted and I think one or two kernels sprouted.  What a flop.  The lettuce didn't do much better.  I planted half a row of lettuce seeds and maybe three sprouted.

This afternoon Julie and I tended the garden.  Overnight, grass and weeds have just about overtaken the garden, so we hoed, and dug, and weeded, and worked very, very hard.  The garden looks great again!  Then we planted the remainder of our planned crop.  We set out 32 tomato plants.  We planted on the row that I had designated for tomatoes, but we also planted tomatoes where the corn and lettuce failed to grow.  We also planted 5 squash seeds and about 20 or 30 green bean seeds (Julie did that, and I can't remember how many she said she ended up planting).

So, still a small garden, but just enough for us.  Any bigger, and I think the hoeing and weeding would put me in the hospital!  I am so sore from our work today!

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