Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mississippi 8.11K

Last Friday we traveled to Jackson for the Saturday morning 8.11K race.  That's 5 miles.  Jimmy's uncle Sam Johnson, works for Mississippi 811 (the call before you dig people), and he invited us to run in this race.

Friday night we enjoyed a meal at Red Lobster with Sam and some of his fellow crew members.  Saturday morning we went to the Beagle Bagel for an early breakfast before the race.  When we lived in Jackson for nine years, eating breakfast at the Beagle Bagel was a regular thing for us, especially on Saturday mornings.  They have the best bagels ever!  And the coffee is super too.

Then it was on to the race.  Leah, Sam, and I watched, while Jimmy, Julie, and Clay ran.  I also helped work the finish line.  My parents met us to spectate and cheer too, and afterwards we all had lunch together.  We drove on back home after lunch, and got here just in time to get ready for our monthly family Bible study.

It was a fun trip.  Here are some photo highlights.

 Sweet Leah

 Sweet Sam

 Leah and Sam with my parents--Mims and Pops

 Sam Johnson and Sam Johnson

 Julie, Pops, and Clay
Clay got his braces off last Thursday!

 Jimmy and Uncle Sam

 Matt and Pops
Matt is a childhood friend of mine.  He still lives in our hometown, and he runs lots of races.  He even ran the Tupelo Marathon last year!

Julie and Uncle Sam

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