Monday, April 7, 2014

It's Monday

We had a normal Monday today.  Lots of laundry from the weekend.  A full day of schoolwork.  Piano lessons for Julie, Clay, and Leah and gymnastics for Leah.  I had no time for yard work, but it was too cold outside today anyway!  We had lots of rain last night, so maybe my garden will grow!

Jimmy and the boys bought 100 more bags of mulch tonight….all ready for me to put out!  We have to go have pictures made for our homeschool yearbook and also cross country practice tomorrow, so I doubt I will have any yard time tomorrow.  Maybe Wednesday afternoon.

I had a nice, long phone conversation with Olivia today.  We text, talk, or email every day, but longer talks like today are so pleasant.  I still write her a letter most days.  I just keep her updated on the happenings around here and try to offer words of encouragement.  The children write her letters or draw her pictures frequently too.  We try to make sure she gets plenty of mail!  She will be home for the summer in about 3 weeks!

Leanna and I have a run planned for Friday morning.  I cannot wait to run outside again.  Lynn and I ran together one day last week, and it was so nice.  I really miss my running/therapy sessions!

I hope your Monday was a pleasant one.

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