Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tis the Season to be Jolly

We have had such a fun and busy week!  I think I have done everything that I needed to do.  We have baked all the goodies, including decorating homemade sugar cookies until 11:00 PM one night!  I have all of my presents wrapped, but the children are still crafting and wrapping.  Everyone loves to have a nice surprise for his or her siblings.

We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family yesterday.  It was a HOT day, so the kids enjoyed playing outside.  We had lots of fun, and Leah and Sam have been playing with their new Stuffies all day.  Jimmy took lots of pictures, so hopefully I can share some of those soon.

Yesterday we also attended a housewarming at one of Jimmy's uncle's home.  More fun with cousins!

Last week we saw Frozen.  We all enjoyed it immensely.  We ended the evening with dessert at Cracker Barrel, and that was fun too!

Running--I ran twice last week.  Three miles on the treadmill on Monday, and 5.85 miles outside with Jimmy.  That was such a pleasant run!  And then on Friday, I met Leanna for a planned 9 mile run.  However, it was raining, and since neither of us has a marathon to run in the near future, we decided that we did not want to run in the rain.  So Leanna just got inside my car, and we visited for about half an hour.  And then we went home!  A fun run that wasn't.  I really don't have firm running plans for this week either, but the week after Christmas I plan to get serious again.  I am running a half marathon on February 8, so I need to be prepared for that.

Enjoy your holiday week.  I am looking forward to the excitement with my family this week.

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