Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Cards From the Past

My Christmas cards are due to arrive either today or tomorrow, and this morning I was thinking about our cards from past years.  I was trying to remember what the children wore, or where we took the picture.  I remember when we used cameras with film, and I would take a whole roll, drive to Target (when we lived in Jackson and had a Target nearby!), get the pictures developed, and hope that at least one of the 36 would be decent!  Sometimes I had to dress the children up again, and take another roll of film…just trying to get the perfect photo!

I am so thankful for digital cameras.  And the fact that my kids are old enough to sit still (no one tries to run away or escape during the photo shoot) and smile.  

Here are some pictures from past Christmases….


This is the picture we used on the card that year.

 2003 also
When I was looking through old pictures on the computer, I thought this one was the card photo, until I saw the above picture--then I remembered!

One photo session, trying to get a decent picture for the card--the first card that featured 5 children.

Another day, another outfit.
This is the photo that we used.

I loved these Christmas outfits!

Our first Christmas card with 4 children.

Our first Christmas card at the house we currently live in.

I love Christmas cards!


  1. Awwww...I love looking back at these. I've started collecting pretty little frames to display our past Christmas photos during the holidays. I did that at Thanksgiving as well since we traditionally host the Smith family for lunch. I love all the memories :)

  2. These photos are so sweet! It is a good reminder to me to enjoy these days because children grow so quickly! Mine are 6 and 2 now and sometimes the days seem so long, but I try to cherish and enjoy them as well because I know I will be so sad when they are all grown up!!