Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Enjoying Your Children

I have a post today at The Homeschool Classroom.  It's about the days being long, but the years being short regarding raising children.  The time really does pass quickly.  Olivia has finished her finals and has survived her first semester of college!  She flies home tomorrow afternoon.  We are so excited!

I spent yesterday cleaning my basement and wading through the boxes and bags of gifts that I have bought.  I organized my gifts, my ribbon, and my other wrapping supplies.  I actually began wrapping gifts today!  Yesterday we also attended our Spartan Skating Christmas party, and then I joined Lynn and Leanna and all of our children at Kelly's office for pizza and hot chocolate.  Then we walked a block to watch the Tupelo Christmas Parade.  IT WAS COLD.  And it is just a little too close to last Saturday when I nearly froze to death for me to enjoy being outside in the cold again!

Today's fun included cleaning the upstairs (this took us quite a while!) and then we watched Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas while shelling pecans.  We weren't through with the pecans when the movie ended, so we began The Christmas That Almost Wasn't.  After 2.5 hours of shelling pecans, even while watching Christmas movies, the kids were weary of pecan shelling!  So even though we were a only little over halfway done with the huge box of pecans my father-in-law brought us yesterday, we called it a day.  We plan to finish shelling tomorrow!  Thankfully, the pecans are already cracked, so it's not as hard as it could be.

I'm off to wrap more presents!

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  1. We love Emmet Otter!! Watched it and loved it as a child and now I get to watch it with my babes!