Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I had to sign in and re enter my password when I clicked to begin typing this post.

I guess that's a sign that it has been too long since I last posted!

We left last Thursday after Clay's weekly biology class for Chattagnooga, TN.  Lynn and Kelly and their family joined us for a little mini vacation.  Fun!  Fun!  We stayed in a hotel in Chattanooga Thursday night, and then went to Rock City Friday morning. We had the attraction basically to ourselves.  It was cold!

After Rock City and lunch, we drove about an hour to Dayton, TN, to meet the other Spartans.  Our two families checked into our cabins, and then the children played outside on the campground while we waited for the 31 Spartan runners and their families to arrive.  We were there for the NACA national cross county meet that was held on Saturday morning.  We all attended a nice banquet for the runners and their guests, and then we retired back to our cabin for coffee and visiting.  We drank gallons of coffee on this trip!  It was so cold!

Julie and Clay joined the other Spartans for their 3.1 mile (5K) races Saturday morning.  Did I mention that it was freezing cold?  Many of the moms and dads joined us in our cabin to stay warm (and drink coffee) until our runners' events.

The Spartans did great!  The girls' team  won 2nd place overall, and the boys' team won 3rd overall.  Very exciting!  (And Jimmy took about 300 pictures over the three days, and I hope to post some later--I haven't even had time to look at them yet!) Almost all of the Spartans set personal records at this race, including Julie and Parker (Lynn and Kelly's son).  Clay ran a great race too!

I really, really enjoyed this getaway.  Being with friends and being away from home was very relaxing.