Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Momo's 90th Birthday

Last Saturday I took the kids (Jimmy was on call last weekend, and of course Olivia is at college) to my grandmother's 90th birthday party.  Momo is my daddy's mother.  She is in good health and is full of energy.  She is a big talker (maybe that's why I talk so much too!), and always has an interesting story to share.  She also clogs and sings!  

My first cousin, Karen, hosted the big event at her house.  The weather was perfect for the outdoor BBQ.  We all had such a good time visiting with family members and friends--some that I knew, some that I recognized but needed a little reminder of their names, and some I met for the first time!

I took Jimmy's camera and made lots of pictures.  I plan to make a photo book of all of the pictures and give it to Momo for Christmas.

Here are some highlights.

 My parents and my children

 Sam, Momo, and Leah

My cousin, Karen (the hostess) and me

 Me and Momo

 Jewel (Momo's brother) and Momo

 Ronald (Daddy's first cousin) and Roland (my daddy)
They were looking at some old, old pictures of the family.  Ronald and Daddy knew everyone in those pictures.

My daddy and Momo

Happy Birthday Momo!


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