Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Hint #1

Well, it's that time of year!  Time to plan for the upcoming holiday season.  Now I don't want to rob the Pilgrims like my friend Kelly would say, but, like always, my house has been decorated for the fabulous fall season since September.  It's time for me to break out the red and green!

Plus, we celebrate Thanksgiving dinners at both my parents' and Jimmy's parents' homes, so I don't mind at all getting my Christmas decorating done before Thanksgiving!  In fact…….I plan to buy my live Christmas tree either next Monday or Tuesday--as soon as Mid South Nursery puts them out.  Olivia comes home Tuesday night for her Thanksgiving break, and we plan to trim the tree as soon as she gets home!  My friend, the other Kelly, as Sam and Leah call him, is coming next Monday night to help me with the Christmas decorating.  (Ok, he does almost all of the decorating….I just assist or try to stay out of his way!)

I plan to share hints over the next few weeks.  These are things that I am doing, and maybe it will give you some ideas too.  And of course, if you have great ideas to share, please leave a comment.  We all learn from each other!

Holiday Hint #1 (actually more than 1)
  • Buy Christmas stamps.  When I asked the postman to show me the choices last week, he brought out at least six different stamps!  What a fun selection!  I chose the gingerbread houses.  My guess is that as it draws closer to December, the selection will not be as varied.
  • Get out your Christmas binder.  Record any gifts you have already bought and make a list of what else you need to buy.
  • Buy gift wrapping supplies:  ribbon, tape, wrapping paper, gift tags, embellishments, etc.  I did not order any ribbon last year, so this year I had several colors that I needed.  My favorite ribbon is the Splendorette ribbon sold at Superior Gift Wrap.  I buy the 1/1/4 inch wide, the 3/4 inch wide, the 3/8 inch wide curling ribbon and the wraffia (yes, that's how they spell it) at this site.  My favorite wrapping paper is sold at Hobby Lobby.  When I bought mine a couple of weeks ago it was 50% off.  I am pretty sure it is still on sale.  Don't forget tape!
That's all for now!  Happy Holiday Planning!

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