Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Hint #2

  • Online Shopping:  I prefer online shopping to going to the mall any day!  Clay and Leah want to go Black Friday shopping this year (I am not sure what they will be shopping for!).  I may see if Lynn is up to it.  Anyway, if you are an online shopper, it's time to begin.  Most companies are offering free shipping right now, and even if the offer is not on their website, you can usually Google free shipping coupons.
  • Start Wrapping Gifts:  Once I get my ribbon in, I plan to begin.  I like to set the goal of wrapping a certain number of gifts each day. I usually try to wrap three at a time.  It is a good idea to set up a card table in your bedroom or somewhere like that where you keep all of your gift wrapping supplies.  It is only a big mess for a few weeks.  (That's what I used to tell myself before we I had a full-time craft area).  Don't forget to mark on your master list each time you wrap a gift.  Otherwise you will be missing Aunt Susie's handmade scarf and have to unwrap both her gifts that you already wrapped to see if the scarf is inside one of them or that you somehow lost it!  Not that I ever had to do that!  :)
  • Christmas Cards:  Decide if you are sending them or not.  Choose a picture, if necessary.  Take a photo if you need to.  I do. We plan to make our Christmas card picture while Olivia is home for Thanksgiving break.  Order the cards.  Review your address list.  Make note of people who have moved or have other changes.  (Sadly, like if someone's spouse passed away this year).  I try to make these changes throughout the year as the event happens, but it is still a good idea to carefully review your address list before you begin addressing the cards.
I am wrapping up my marathon training for the St. Jude Marathon.  Last Saturday, Leanna and I did our last super long run, 22 miles.  Jimmy, Greg, and Esther did 22 miles also.  We met two hours early for a 9 mile run and ended just in time to run the Shakerag Half Marathon here in Tupelo.  This morning, Leanna and I met to run our next to last long run--18 miles.  We ended the run after 15.5 miles.  It was so cold and windy, the course was extremely hilly, I forgot to restart my watch after our potty break, Leanna's watch was dead before we even began, and the last straw was that I fell and hit the pavement around mile 14 or so. We will do one more 15 mile run next week and then basically rest until the race.

I'm off to do some online shopping!

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  1. I'm with you, Roan. Online shopping all the way for me. The year my middle daughter was born I accidentally ended up having to order everything (over the phone, in those days). I've never looked back. You wouldn't catch me shopping on Black Friday for anything. I spend the day in my pajamas after hosting our family's Thanksgiving. :)