Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Not-Back-To-School Blog Hop

The last couple of years I have seen various bloggers posting link-ups on this blog hop.  Usually, I have already blogged about my upcoming curriculum and my school room by this time, but this year is different!  I am going to do the blog hop this year!

The above photo tells you the schedule, and the website visit in order to participate is at the bottom of the photo.

One question I have:  Why is it called the not back to school blog hop? 

I hope to see some of your blogs in the link up each week.


  1. The Not-Back-To-School blog hop is one of my favorite times! I have never participated, but I have read each link, especially the School Room Week!

    Though it does drive me crazy when I see perfect school rooms with desks lined up neatly and every pencil and book in perfect order!! I am so not worthy!

    But at the same time I do feel encouraged and especially when I see a family that, like mine, struggles to keep up with everything and finds grace in the little achievements! Can't wait for next week!!

  2. Because they're NOT going to public school? Not sure, but that's what I always thought.

  3. OH neat I want to do that, I will have to check with my husband, but I bet there is a treasure trove of ideas!

    Maureen, I can SO relate :). We are the type of family that finds grace in the smallest of achievements!! Sunshine