Monday, July 29, 2013

The Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Party

My mother is super talented and creative, and that gene skipped me!  Thankfully, my girls seem to inherited both my mother's and Jimmy's mother creative genes.

My mother's latest interest is creating tablescapes.  I had no idea what that was, and you can google it too if you need to.  Apparently, it is taking a fun theme for a party or dinner......and running with it!  My mother began collecting Alice in Wonderland items for her tablescape, and we all decided to give Julie an Unbirthday party to utilize my mother's talents. 

My mother boxed up many, many boxes full of party supplies!  She and my daddy hardly had room to ride in their vehicle!  

While Mims, Olivia, and Julie unpacked and decorated both my kitchen and my dining room, I prepared the tea party food--four different little sandwiches, fruit kabobs, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, and Julie made cupcakes. 

 the kitchen table

 signs made by Olivia

 a precious centerpiece

 I wish you could see the attention to detail!

 Alice and her tea party

 the dining room table

  Julie and Mims
My mother made Julie this Alice in Wonderland dress.

The next few photos show some close ups of various decorations.

 Pops, Mims, and I served the guests.
I also sat down for a little bit with the mothers in the dining room.

 during the party

 The Mamas sat in the dining room.

The boys sat at the bar!

Mims worked so hard at creating such special memories for Julie and her friends!  We are all so appreciative!  It was such a beautiful and fun party.  A special 16th birthday party for a special 16 year old girl!


  1. This is amazing! I'm storing this in my memory for the future, for my girls. I love all the details, such a fun idea!!

  2. Really creative! I have never seen such a fun way to do a tea party!

    Oh and the new really pink background on your blog is...well, really pink!

  3. How wonderful for your mom to do so much to make Julie's party special!