Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saxon Algebra Homeschool Edition

I had a post yesterday at The Homeschool Classroom  describing how I am using Saxon Algebra 1 and 2 for our high school math.

I wrote this post several weeks ago, and since then I have actually planned our upcoming school year.  I realized that I don't have enough school days scheduled for Clay to take two day to complete one Algebra lesson, so I will follow the schedule that I used last year for Julie.

We will take one day per lesson, but we will not work all of the problems each day.  On the odd numbered lessons we will work the odd problems, and on the even numbered lessons we will work the even numbered problems.

I am almost done preparing for our school year!  We will begin August 5.  I have gotten most of my schoolroom put back together after the painting.  All of the furniture is in place, but I still have a few things to put back on the walls.  It's so nice and clean in there!

Click here to read all about Saxon Algebra!

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  1. We've also used Saxon for high school. We do the same thing: one lesson a day and every other problem. Math is a difficult subject for me to teach. I've been concerned about having to teach it as my kids get more advanced in math. So I'm really excited to find out that the program we've used all through elementary and middle school,, has added high school to their curriculum this year. We've been hoping for this for years. I'm so glad they finally did it! :)