Friday, July 26, 2013

Julie's 16th Birthday

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Julie's 16th birthday.  (I am so behind in my blogging this summer!)

(She also had a fabulous birthday party, in addition to our traditional family celebration, and I will blog about that another day!)

The Family Day
Jimmy was unable to get off work for Julie's birthday, so we stretched her celebrating over more than one day.  The night before her birthday, we took her out to dinner at our local Indian restaurant.  Delicious!
The night of her actual birthday my parents came for an overnight visit.  We were so happy to have them here for the birthday celebration!  We enjoyed a birthday supper and dessert and present opening.

 the table

 a gift from Sam (yarn)

 a gift from Leah (a handmade journal)

 a gift from Mama and Daddy (a new Bible with her name on it)

 a gift from Olivia (a handmade yarn bag)

 Pops and Leah

 a gift from Mims and Pops (an owl teapot to match the owl mugs that my parents had already given her)

 Pops and Sam

 The birthday girl! (wearing the "sisters" necklace that Olivia gave her)

 The birthday cake (blueberry cobbler)

Clay and Pops

The next morning we all enjoyed a birthday breakfast together, and then we began getting everything ready for the party.


  1. I just love your birthday celebrations!

  2. Your kids are so talented. Leah looks just like you! Happy Birthday to Julie!

  3. Happy birthday Julie from the McGills! She is a beautiful young lady inside and out! It always makes me smile to see your children giving each other thoughtful, homemade gifts. :)