Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

 We began the day with muffins baked in heart papers.

 We ate our breakfast, lunch, and snacks on heart paper plates.

 We placed our Valentines at each person's place at the table.  Jimmy and I gave the children a heart filled with candy and a new pair of running socks.  The children made Valentines for each other and for Jimmy and me too.

 Julie crocheted a Valentine for each member of our family.

 Julie and Olivia gave me this cute coffee cup!  I lost my favorite coffee cup sometime back in December.  This new one is the perfect size!

 Later that afternoon I took Sam and Leah to a Valentine's party at a friend's house.  The children made Valentines.  This one was made by dotting paint with a pencil eraser.

Julie braided Leah's hair into a heart shape for the day!


  1. We enjoyed seeing you, Leah, and Sam at the Valentine's party! Leah's hair looked so pretty.

  2. I LOVE that new coffee cup, and Leah's hair is so FUN! What kind of muffins are those? They look so yummy.