Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Olivia Is Driving!

Actually, Olivia got her permit almost a year ago, but I have not ridden in the car with her driving......

Until Today!

Olivia and I had to go to town today, and as we were getting into the van, she ran back into the house to get her permit.  She asked, "Can I drive?"

I panicked!  I have let Jimmy do all of the driving lessons.  I know that Olivia needs more driving practice, but I have been too nervous to let her drive me.  I potty trained the children and taught them how to read, but teaching them to drive is a different story!  I am so thankful that Jimmy has taught her to drive!

So, I told her that I would prefer to drive to town, but I would let her drive us back home.

And I did!  She drove us all the way home, including down a busy street with multiple traffic lights.  We made it home safe and sound.  I was very pleased at Olivia's driving skills.  She is a good driver!

I am thinking that I am too young to have a child who can drive!

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