Saturday, January 28, 2012

Remind Me To NEVER Make a Birthday Cake Again!

I went to bed at 1:00 AM last night.  The cake was looking pretty pitiful, so I just refrigerated it, and hoped for the best this morning.

When I woke up this morning, this is what the cake looked like!

It slid to one side overnight!

I have been drinking a lot of coffee today!

I used a knife and two spatulas and took off the top layer of the original leaning cake.  I had an extra layer that I did not use last night, so I placed it under the layer I sliced off.

I added the smaller layer for the Lego man's head bump.

I wedged in a couple of legos, because the cake was still leaning.

I iced it the best I could....
Just Pitiful!

The Finished Product!

I looks NOTHING like the cake I copied from Pinterest!


  1. You probably needed to level each layer of slice off the top curvy part....Something I learned from Keepers!! It looks fine, though, and I am sure Sam will/is excited about it and it will taste great!

  2. Hugs...and a little laugh! I make cakes for everyone in our house, because we love the way they taste. I have had a few very stressful days in the meantime, but enjoy the easier ones. ;) OCD can make this sort of thing difficult!

  3. It looks fine but I know it must have been a very stressful process.

  4. Oh I feel your pain! I made a Bob the Builder cake for my daughter (yes, my daughter!) when she was 3 and the entire road and all the characters slid off before the party. It was really sad. And also, I have had my share of Pinterest fails. Should we start a website? :) haha!!! Also, here's a little something to make you feel better. I died laughing when I saw this.

  5. I have had middle-of-the-night cake mishaps myself! I must say you were creative with your Lego rescue supports. You are a terrific mom for taking the time to make Sam's birthday cake for him. The Lego man's big smile made me smile. I hope it made the birthday boy smile too. Happy birthday Sam from the McGills!

  6. My Granny used to come to town for every one of my birthdays and she always made my cake. It was really special and very professional looking. My kids either get bakery cakes or homemade cakes of the undecorated variety like Texas Sheet cake or angel food cake with lemon glaze and my mom usually makes these. I guess I've sort of flunked out on birthdays. I think it's great that you dedicate so much time to making your kids' birthdays special and I know your kids appreciate it! And honestly, knowing your cake turned out the way it did makes me like you better : ).


  7. That is too funny! I love your determination! Did it at least taste good? ha ha


  8. My mother in law calls that making a memory. Or at least that is what she told me when I burnt the choc. pies Christmas dinner. :)

  9. Hahahaha! Thank you for sharing your attempts...this looks much better than my attempts at similar cakes. Those ideas on pinterest are great except... :)
    Keep up the God work.