Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still Working Over Here

My major decluttering and rearranging of rooms and furniture is still continuing.  In fact, I was unable to work on any of it yesterday!  So far we have completely emptied out the former sewing room and have moved all of its contents into my basement storage room in my new crafting area.  But it is just sitting there in baskets and bags, waiting to be organized and neatly put away.  We did purge the contents before we moved them down there (two flights of stairs, by the way).

That was step 1.  Step 2 is to move Clay's furniture and belongings from his former room which he shares with Sam into his new room.  I plan to do that today.  Sam is a little bit sad that Clay is leaving.  He is only going next door, and they have a bathroom in between them!  But, Sam has never had a room to himself, and he is concerned about sleeping in there alone.  I am moving a couch into Sam's room (it was in the sewing room), so I told him that Clay could sleep on that couch sometimes, or he could make a pallet on the floor of Clay's room.

Step 3 will be to then clean out Sam's room.  I need to help him really clean out under his bed and behind furniture (places Sam likes to stick things).  We will then straighten his closet and put all of the games and puzzles in there---they were formerly in the sewing room on shelves.

Step 4 is to help Leah clean up her room.  She likes to place things in little piles in the corners of her room.  The middle of her floor is clean, and she can walk around with no trouble, but those little piles of items in her corners have to be dealt with!  Also, I need to get her a trash can for her room.  Maybe that would eliminate some of her piles!  She needs some help putting away her Christmas gifts and generally tidying her room.

Step 5 will be my favorite of all!  Organize my new crafting area!  I have to remove all of my school books and supplies (ones not currently using, but items that I will be using in the future) from the entertainment center in the basement.  Then I want to take all of my scrapbooking supplies out of the wall of cabinets in my schoolroom and put them back in the storage/crafting room.  I will put the school stuff back in the schoolroom cabinets.  Hopefully along the way I can get rid of some stuff!

I had wanted to get all of this done this week, but I am not sure if that is going to happen.  Yesterday I didn't get to work on this project at all because it took my entire day to exercise (Day 15 of Insanity!), go to Walmart to pick up last minute items for Olivia to take to camp, and go to the AT&T store to buy a Go Phone with 5 days of service for Olivia to take to camp (last year we had no way to communicate with her and I was so worried about her!  It was her first time to go away like that!).  I instructed her to call or text us twice a day so we would know that she was ok. Then we had to actually take her to camp, about a 3 hour round trip.  By the time we got home it was time for me to cook supper, get everyone ready for church, and then attend our Wednesday night church service.  When I got home at 9:00 last night, I was just too tired to tackle any decluttering!

I hope you are having a productive holiday break!

One more thing.....I am starting to consider what my focus word will be for 2012.  For 2011 it was persevere.  Have you started thinking about what you want your focus word to be?


  1. Sounds like you have lots of great projects going on in your home. Doesn't it feel good to accomplish those things??

    I too am thinking about my focus word. I plan to blog about it soon.

  2. OH my! You are getting lots of exercise :-) I always feel like right after Christmas is sort of a winter *spring cleaning* for me. I have been loving this past week of doing next to nothing. Sleeping in. Relaxing. Simply wonderful! Yet I'm also looking forward to next year. A new start.

    I loved your comment about health. You know.. if anyone had asked me 6 yrs ago if I had food allergies I would have said no. Of course not :-)

    And eating healthy is sooo individual. Some people can eat whole wheat while other cannot. Lots of green drinks for some yet other do without sugar. I'm so glad our family is beginning to find out what *our* healthy is:-)

    Happy cleaning and Happy New Year.

    p.s. I love your header picture. Sooo beachy :-)