Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Thursday

I thought that I would share some updates on various areas in my life right now.  December is always such a busy month, and this year it is flying by!  I can't believe that it is December 8th already!

  • Bible Study:  I finished my study of the book of Mark, and on Monday, I began a study of the book of Philippians.  I am currently reading the entire book each morning using a different translation each time.  After four or five readings, I will then begin outlining each chapter and taking notes on specific verses.  I am tentatively planning to read the entire Bible in 90 days again, beginning January 1st.  If I do it again, this time I plan to read the Bible chronologically.  I am not sure which version I will read this time.  For my first two readings I used the English Standard Version, and then the New American Standard Bible.
  • Exercise:  I have completely rested from exercise since my marathon last Saturday.  Until Tuesday, I had difficulty going down the stairs and squatting down.  Well, I had difficulty walking Saturday and Sunday!  I plan to rest until next Monday, and I am going to do the Insanity workouts again.  Only this time I am going to do Insanity only, and not try to continue running as well.  Insanity is a 60 day program, and I want to do the program exactly as prescribed.  We'll see if my knees hold out.  After the 60 days, I plan to start running again, and I will probably mix running with either Insanity workouts or CrossFit workouts.  I am not sure yet.
  • School:  Today is our last day of school until January 2!  The children and I are both excited!  All of our brains need a break!  I will need to do a little bit of planning during our break to prepare for the next semester.  Actually, our 2nd semester will not begin until the end of January, but I still need to get things ready.  I have to plan Julie's Mississippi History course, review her American Literature course, and prepare copywork for Leah.  Olivia is taking the ACT for the first time this Saturday.  She is very nervous!  
  • Holiday Hints:  As usual, I work very hard to prepare for the holidays in October and November, and then from Thanksgiving until we finish our schoolwork for the semester, I kind of slack off.  I will begin this afternoon in full force!  I need to update my master gift list with my purchases over the last month.  I also need to make one more final shopping list (I have a few gifts left to get).  I want to plan my holiday menus, finalize our baking lists, choose a couple of art projects for my younger children, and wrap, wrap, wrap presents!
I think that's all, and now I better get busy!

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  1. That is SORE! I have been that sore before-but never that long. I love your goals!

    I am a bit turned off by B90 after some things that happened last session-looking for a replacement.

    I love ESV. :)