Monday, December 26, 2011

Just Do The Next Thing

That is my motto for today!  After a week (really 3 weeks) of fun and preparation--cooking, baking, cleaning, wrapping, visiting, celebrating, crafting, decorating, etc., today is all about cleaning up and organizing.  I am not even sure that I am going to make a list.  I am just going to start in my den, and do the next thing.  Again and again until all of the Christmas decorations are taken down and neatly put up, and the floors are all vacuumed--or until bedtime comes, whichever comes first!

We had a fabulous Christmas!  It really was wonderful.  I enjoy the whole busyness of December and all that it entails.  I love creating memories for my family when we do our traditions each December.  I enjoy the work and serving my family, and even though there were times that I was truly exhausted, and I texted that sentiment to my dear friend Lynn and my sister-in-law Megan, I was not complaining!  I was just stating the fact that sometimes doing what you love can exhaust you.  And that is a good thing!  My friend Emily wrote a post all about questioning why she exhausted herself in December, and concluded with the idea that it isn't all about her (or me).  It's her gift to her family.  Reading that gave me a jolt and reminded me that service really is uplifting.  Doing things for others leads to happiness for yourself!  I briefly considered simplifying my December activities for next year, but after reading Emily's post, and also after hearing all five of my children and my husband thank me repeatedly for all of our Christmas traditions, I changed my mind.  I am not going to change a single thing next December.  I have 11 months to rest up!

Jimmy was off all last week, and that really was enjoyable.  We had such a nice week!  He took the children to visit his parents for two days (and unknown to me they were all working on Christmas gifts for me!).  I spent that time wrapping and cleaning, cooking and etc., and it was nice to be able to work uninterrupted.  That was a gift in itself.  We all went to see Authur Christmas one night at the 7:45 PM showing.  I haven't been to a movie that started that late since college!  The movie was hilarious!

My handmade gifts from my family were fantastic, and I plan to blog about them with pictures soon.  Right now I better get started on the big Pleaning Day.  Pleaning is a word my children made up years ago.  On the day or days after Christmas they help me get the house back in order by pleaning----play for 30 minutes and then work for 30 minutes.  I set a timer and we alternate working and playing all day.  That way they get to enjoy their new gifts and willingly help me out too!  Cleaning and organizing is play for me, so I will work, work, work until it's all done!

Two more things:
1.  I have done 12 days of Insanity!  Today will be Day 13.  I have completed two weeks of six days of workouts followed by one day off (Sundays).  So far, no injuries!
2.  I joined Pinterest!  What an addiction!


  1. "Do the next thing" has saved me soooo many times, as it will today. My house is atrocious.

    Going to find you on Pinterest!!

  2. We still have extended family visits so I can't organize yet...but I love the idea of "pleaning"...I myself need distractions from cleaning :)

  3. I just read your October post about Cinnamon rolls and I could just copy/paste it and post to my blog. I made PW's rolls for the first time Christmas Eve...I too boiled the milk sugar mixture :/ My kitchen counters also looked just like yours, took forever to clean up because the filling oozed out everywhere when I rolled up the rolls. Unfortunately mine did not turn out that well...they looked pretty enough but the taste was just blah. I think I put my yeast in too soon and killed it :( I will try again, but I couldn't help but laugh when I read your post...made me feel better too :):)

  4. I am so glad I am not the only one who takes down Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. I have been cleaning and organizing all morning. :)