Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cleaning and Baking!

pretty sugar cookies

We have certainly been enjoying our Christmas Break!  Jimmy is off from work this entire week, so our whole family has been busy, busy, busy.

The girls and I have baked sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies (both of which they are decorating right this very minute), rice krispie goodies, reindeer food, seasoned oyster crackers, millionaires, and chocolate peppermint bonbons.  Also, we have wrapped presents, tried to keep up with the laundry, and Jimmy and I have cleaned out our entire storage room.  That took the better part of two days!  There were boxes in there that we had not unpacked since we moved from Jackson over 11 years ago!  But now we have gone through every single box, purged and reorganized.

Tomorrow's plan is to clean our entire house in preparation for the Johnson Christmas Party.  We will be joined by all of Jimmy's aunts, uncles, and cousins for a fun night of food and fellowship.  Fun!

more pretty cookies

my sweet daughters

Also this week Olivia finally finished this 1000 piece puzzle.  Our whole family has worked on it from time to time--for over a month!  
She has already started on another one.

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