Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoying Our Break

Our entire family has been enjoying our break from schoolwork!  Friday night we attended two birthday parties (Jimmy went to one for an elderly friend of ours while the children and I attended a 6 year old's party).  Saturday morning Jimmy ran the Rudolph Run 10K (Patrick House, winner of the Biggest Loser ran it too!).  Jimmy got an autographed picture of Patrick for Julie.  While Jimmy was running, Olivia took the ACT for the first time!  She is very relieved to have that over with.  Saturday afternoon I attended our ladies from church annual ornament swap.  My friend Karen hosted it, and it was a delightful afternoon.  A couple of the ladies and I lingered and enjoyed coffee after all of the other ladies left.  I really enjoyed the visiting!

Sunday night Jimmy took the children to spend the night with his parents, and they left me behind to wrap Christmas presents.  Fun!  I stayed up till 2 AM!  I had drunk a cup of coffee at 9 PM, and I was not sleepy!

Last night we joined several other families from our Keepers At Home and Contenders For the Faith clubs to sing Christmas carols at the local retirement home.  We sang several songs, shared small gifts with the residents, and then stayed for about an hour visiting with them.  I know that I was blessed more than they were with the visit.  My children all want to go back on a somewhat regular basis to visit these residents.  They were so appreciative of our company, and my children enjoyed it so much.  It really is rewarding to make someone else happy!

I began the Insanity workouts yesterday.  It is as tough as I remembered!  Maybe worse!  I have now completed two days, and I am reminded of how weak I can get when I am not doing any strength training.  I have done days one and two, and I am already extremely sore!

Today I plan to make wreath cookies and maybe one more cookie with Leah and Sam (and the other kids if they want to help).

Here is the recipe for Reindeer Food.  I don't know why this is called reindeer food, because it is for people, not reindeer!  It is delicious though!

Reindeer Food
1 bag milk chocolate chips
1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup butter
1 box rice chex (13 oz.)
3 cups powdered sugar

Melt chips, peanut butter, and butter in the microwave.  Stir to combine.  Pour over cereal, stirring gently.  Pour powdered sugar over and toss gently.  Spread out on waxed paper to cool.  After completely dry, put in small containers to share!


  1. Thank you! And please tell the others in the group how much it means, not only to residents, but to the family members of residents in assisted living and nursing homes to have others treat them with dignity and respect. Honoring them for the lives they have live and are still living. Remembering them during this time of year when many feel lonely and miss holidays at "home" surrounded by families and traditions. I remember Nonnie singing along with the carolers when they came to visit them. She couldn't remember our names, but she sang those carols effortlessly! Brought tears to my eyes! You never know how such a simple act will touch a life. Love ya!

  2. Enjoy your break! And good luck with the Insanity!!

  3. We make that same recipe "Reindeer Food" but we call it Puppy Chow! My kids love it but it is so messy to make!

    I have also made the wreaths, but we used rice krispies instead, not my favorite either!

    Our favorite gift this year, we bought Pizelle's at Costco, they are an Italian waffle cookie, really tasty! You get 100 of them for $6.99. Then we dip them in dark chocolate and sprinkle colored jimmies on them. I package 3 or 4 in a bag and tie with ribbon! They look absolutely beautiful and people can't figure out how we made them!! I don't mention anything about Costco!

    Merry Christmas Roan!