Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Vacation

Jimmy is off until Friday of this week, so we have had a vacation!  We chose to stay home and work and play around the house.  We are having a Gospel Meeting at our church this week, so we are attending worship services nightly all week.

Monday we cleaned our entire house from top to bottom.  Everyone helped, and then Jimmy and Clay also did all of the outside mowing and yard work as well.  We had signed up to feed the visiting preacher on Monday night, so the girls and I prepared supper while the boys did the outside work.

Yesterday I did loads and loads of laundry, ran and did an Insanity workout, played with the kids in the pool, and read.  Jimmy and Clay built a pull-up bar in our our workout room and began constructing two plyo (jump) boxes.  Clay's metal detector that he ordered (he has been working very hard and saving money for quite a while now to buy the metal detector) came in yesterday afternoon.  He searched for treasures outside until it was time to go to our church service last night.  After our service we joined a couple of other people and our guest preacher at our regular preacher's house for dessert and coffee.  Another night of getting the children to bed at 11:00 PM!

This morning Jimmy and I met Kelly, Lynn, Amber, and our guest preacher (he did CrossFit with us and ran 3 miles with Lynn and Kelly Monday night too!) at 6:00 AM to run 10 miles. We had a great run!  One of the fastest us girls have run in a while.  When Jimmy and I arrived home around 8:20, Clay and Sam were already in the yard with the metal detector, searching away!

The rest of today's plan includes folding all of the clothes I washed yesterday, reading, and finishing up my schoolbook ordering for next year.  Jimmy plans to finish the plyo boxes, and we are meeting Lynn, Kelly, the guest preacher, and some others too at a local Mexican restaurant for supper before our church service.

I love a vacation spent at home!


  1. Perfect timing to have this time of vacation when you are having a guest speaker at your church this week. I am afraid I am never brave enough to have a guest speaker over for dinner because I am not a great cook, but more importantly I never know what to fix.

    The Crossfit sounds very interesting. I took a look at the website. Keep us updated on how it is going. I would love to see pictures of the completed boxes.

  2. Sounds like a marvelous vacation! I started Insanity a few weeks ago. I am also interspersing it with my running. I am not really following the schedule at all. It is very challenging though!!
    Who is your guest preacher, just out of curiousity? It is always such a small world. :)