Monday, July 26, 2010

Kossuth 5K

Saturday, our family ran the Kossuth High School 5K. This was the first annual race, and it was officially called The Aggie Stampede. We really had a nice time in Kossuth, in spite of the 90 degree temperatures and 95% humidity! At 8:00 in the morning!
As in most races, after all is said and done, some members of our family are pleased with their race time and experience, and some.....are not. In my opinion, we all ran very well, considering the heat factor! Especially Jimmy. He had a fantastic race time (20:50). I ran about two and a half minutes slower than my last 5K. I think I am just overall getting slower! All times are listed in the left sidebar under Race Results.
Megan graciously agreed to meet us at 7:30 to keep up with Leah and Sam during the race (and for 30 minutes before while we registered and warmed-up). She was having so much fun after the race that she stayed until the 10:00 awards ceremony! Megan took many great pictures, but I cannot figure out how to get them on my blog. (She emailed them which usually works, but for some reason it is not working this time.)

Megan, Julie, and Me
Can't you see how very hot it is?

Sam, climbing a tree.
If there is a tree around, my children will climb it!

Our whole family after the awards presentation

In our various age groups, Jimmy won 1st, I won 2nd, Olivia won 3rd, Julie won 1st, and Clay won 3rd.
Julie was also the overall female winner, and I must say that this is the biggest race trophy ever!!

Julie and Austin, the overall winners

We spent the rest of the day in nearby Corinth, visiting with Russ and Megan, Jenny and her children, and Granmomma and Pop. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch at Borroum's Drug Store.

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