Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Boys Went to Atlanta

Jimmy has been off work this week, and he and the boys made a spontaneous two day trip to Atlanta. He knew that I was feeling a little bit stressed about my upcoming school year and my lack of time to plan and prepare, so he surprised me with taking the boys on a road trip.

Since I didn't go, I will have to use my imagination to blog about their fabulous trip. One note: this is only the 4th time Sam has been away from me overnight. It was the very first time for me to be in my own home without Sam. It was strange. Quiet and productive, but strange.

Here they are, ready to go

It takes about 5 hours or so to get to Atlanta from here. I am not sure what they did on the way, but they met Jimmy's cousin, Warren, and his 4 year old boy for supper at the Varsity. Then they all went to a Braves game!

Sam at the top of the stadium. They had seats much closer to the field, but Jimmy said that Sam got restless after a little while, so they walked up to the top.

After the game, the boys spent the night with Warren and Holly and their family. The next morning they left to spend some time at Stone Mountain.

a doughnut snack before the mountain

Although it was a very hot day, Jimmy, Clay, and Sam enjoyed many outdoor activities at Stone Mountain.

Sam on the zip line

Sam playing putt putt golf

Sam and Clay enjoying their lunch

Sam's hair-do after all of that playing in the hot sun.

When they got inside the car to begin their trip home, the thermometer confirmed what they already knew--it was a hot day!

Jimmy and boys stopped by the Bass Pro Shop in Birmingham on their way home. Since it was air-conditioned, they really enjoyed their time there.

Clay and Sam at the Bass Pro Shop

Although I got a whole lot done while they were gone, I missed them terribly. The house was very quiet! The girls enjoyed two full days of leisure, and I worked almost constantly in my schoolroom.

I think I am completely ready for school!!


  1. What a blessing!! That you were able to get the job done and that Jimmy and the boys had some one-on-two time together. I am working on it, but I keep buying fruit and vegetables that need canning or freezing. Slows down the school planning!

  2. I want to hear about your upcoming school year! We have eased in with math. This is Allison's first year (second grade) and she bucked me and I am freaking out! What have I done?

  3. My mom and I were in Atlanta from Monday through Wednesday! Funny! I'm glad they had a good time!

  4. Way to go, Roan! That's wonderful that you are completely ready for school! Plus the boys had a fun weekend away with Jimmy. :)

  5. Glad they enjoyed their trip to Atlanta. We live about 1 1/2 hours away and visit often. The Varsity is a landmark and everyone loves going there. When we lived closer we used to have a season pass to Stone Mountain, great place to visit all year round.