Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Today over at The Homeschool Classroom, I posted about Celebrating Children's Birthdays. Back in the spring, I shared my ideas at our Homeschool Mothers' Brunch, and today I have put all of my ideas on paper (well on the keyboard).

I hope you will find some ideas for celebrating your children's birthdays when you read my post today. Julie's birthday is soon, and I have a really fun theme planned for her big day. It's a surprise for her, so I will blog all about it when the day is over.

Click here to read the birthday post at The Homeschool Classroom.


  1. I love your ideas! Laura Grace has a birthday coming up in August and was already a little sad that she will not be having a party at school like the last two years.

    I have your KONOS book and I need to get it back to you! I found it yesterday and realized that I had not!! So embarrassing :( I will be in Tupelo Sat. and can run it by your house.

  2. I do have a homeschool blog...the link is

    I have not written much on it because time to blog has become scarce!

    I actually forgot about those materials as well! We can just meet in NA because I found out today that my schedule for Sat. is pretty full. My email address is You can just let me know when you are coming and we will meet up!