Saturday, July 3, 2010

Home Again!

Well, we're home from Rustic Youth Camp (RYC)! Lynn and I left with our children (her four, my five) around 1:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, and my family finally arrived home at 11:00 PM last night! We were exhausted and as dirty as you can imagine, but we had a fabulous time!

I plan to blog all about the week, complete with photos, but first I have to wash a mountain of laundry, unpack a ton of clothes and various other things, buy groceries, and just spend a moment or two simply enjoying being at my own lovely home!

Like I said on Facebook earlier this week, they don't call it Rustic Youth Camp for nothing! The children and I made many, many new friends, and we all benefited from being in the company of other sweet Christians for the week.

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures. I enjoyed many summers at RYC and loved every minute of it! You are right, it is rustic, but so much fun.