Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They're Growing Up!

Jimmy took Clay and Sam shopping last week. He thought that Clay was old enough for his first sport coat, and while they were at the store, he found one for Sam too!

Don't they look handsome? Their first coats, button down shirts, and ties! When they got home from the mall, both of them were so proud of their purchases, and they immediately tried own the new clothes and modeled for their sisters and me.

One of the best parts is that Jimmy got such a bargain! Clay's sport coat alone was originally priced at $85, and Jimmy bought 2 coats, 3 button down shirts, and 2 ties for around $35 total!

Now both boys are ready to attend two weddings this summer.


  1. Awwwwww! Look at your little men! So very handsome!

  2. They look great!! We have several blazers in different sizes, but my guys hate to wear them. In fact, Jeff (since he is not leading worship services any more) doesn't like to dress up either. He usually wears khaki-like pants with a nice shirt and maybe a tie sometimes. Where did Jimmy find those great deals?

  3. They look great! I don't think either of my boys have ever had a blazer, but I do buy ties from time to time. Mostly they wear khaki pants and polo type shirts for dress-up occasions.