Friday, May 14, 2010

School Next Year: 4 Year Old Preschool

I have made almost all of my decisions about next year's school curriculum, and I have ordered and received all of it! I will be posting a complete list and description of what I plan to use for each of my five children.

Sam: 4 Year Old Preschool

Sonlight Preschool 3/4--This is a collection of around 100 picture books. There is no schedule to follow, just a checklist provided if you want to check off each book as you read it. The Instructor's Guide also list some fun activities to go along with each book. I have already begun reading the books to Sam (and Leah too) before naptime and bedtime. I plan to work my way through each book, reading and rereading them as many times as Sam wants.

Language Arts--I am using the Sonlight Language Arts guide included in their Preschool 4/5. It is a set of four readiness workbooks, plus a couple of additional books to read aloud.

Math--I have set a few goals for Sam for the school year:
1. Count to 100. We will count the days that we "do preschool", and tape a card on the wall with that day's number. On the 100th day we will have a big celebration.
2. Recite the months of the year.
3. Recite the days of the week.

Bible--Participate in our daily family Bible time, plus learn 10 Bible verses. I also have a Bible storybook (from Sonlight Preschool 3/4) that I read to him from each night before bed.

Other--a variety of educational games, activities, puzzles, painting, play-doh, etc.

I will blog about the other children's curriculum over the next few days.

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