Sunday, May 2, 2010

Corinth Coke 10K

Yesterday our family participated in the 29th annual Corinth Coke 10K. This was the 5th year that my older children have run this race, my 4th, and I am not sure how many years Jimmy has run this race! This 10K is one of my family's favorite races. It attracts a large crowd (this year there were 900 runners) of both professional and recreational runners. I think this year's winner finished the race in 31 minutes! The race course goes through downtown Corinth and through several neighborhoods with beautiful modern and historic homes. Most of the residents are either sitting on their front porches or in their front yards, cheering the runners on.

This year the weather was predicted to be really stormy around race time. Thankfully, we just endured light rain, overcast skies, and thick, thick humidity. It was hard to breathe! For some reason (maybe the humidity?) everyone in our family, except for Clay who set a 10K PR (personal record) ran a good bit slower than we did in this race last year. I felt like I was running through molasses. My running friend, Dorothy, was not there, and I confirmed to myself again, that I do not like running a race without a friend to chat with. Fortunately, around mile 2, one of our Spartans, Emilee, caught my attention to ask if she could run with me. She had set a goal of breaking one hour, so I was happy to run the rest of the race with her. My original goal was something under 55:43 (my best 10K time), but I knew by the time I found Emilee, that I would not meet that goal. Not on that day. So Emilee and I trudged through the rest of the 4 miles, together. And we met her goal! We finished at just over 58:00. She was so happy, and I was happy to be through!

Carson, John Parker, and Clay after the race. These boys had such a good time!

Normally, the race awards are given on the steps of the courthouse, but since it was such a rainy, and potentially stormy day, the awards were presented inside the coke warehouse. I was happy to be surrounded by hundreds (maybe thousands!) of cases of coke! Coke is my all-time favorite drink! The trophies in the Coke race are gold painted coke bottles. Everyone wants a gold coke bottle! Olivia, Julie, and Clay all earned one! Julie and Olivia are in separate age divisions now that Olivia is 15, and it is nice that the sisters are not competing against each other.

Olivia with her 3rd place coke trophy

Julie with her 1st place coke trophy
Julie was the 7th female finisher in the race!

Clay with his 5th place coke trophy

Our race times are posted in the sidebar. Next Saturday, we are all running the GumTree 10K. I hope we have nice, cool, dry weather!

During the race, Jimmy's sister, Jenny kept Leah and Sam at Granmomma's house. I was so happy that she was able to do that, and Leah and Sam did not have to hang out in the rain all morning. Later on in the day we got a ton of rain! Here is a picture of an underpass just walking distance from Jimmy's parents' house.

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