Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10th Grade Curriculum

Olivia will be in the 10th grade next year. I cannot believe that she is almost finished with our homeschool. I do not like to even think about her moving away from home!

Notgrass World History--This course allows the student to earn a credit in Bible, World History, and English. I will use my Sonlight catalog and also a resource called All Through the Ages to supplement her reading. I cannot keep enough books for this child to read!

Science--Apologia Chemistry with lab

Math--Teaching Textbooks Geometry

Rosetta Stone Spanish--Olivia has been working with this program for a few years. She will start the program again from the beginning, this time using the included workbooks and tests. This Spanish program takes 2 school years to complete, and Olivia will earn 2 credits in foreign language by completing this course.
Fine Arts--piano
For this year, Olivia will earn a total of 7.5 credits toward high school graduation.

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  1. Thank you for posting your curricula. We are working, deciding on Josh's for next year(10th) and it helps to see the choices.