Monday, May 17, 2010

8th Grade Curriculum

Julie will be in the 8th grade next year.

Sonlight Core 5--This is the same Core that Clay will be doing. I will read their read alouds to the whole family, and then they will independently read the included readers. Core 5 also assigns daily Bible reading which I will probably read aloud too.

Language Arts--Sonlight Core 5 Language Arts. As we get into this program, if I need to supplement Julie's writing assignments, I will. She is a natural writer, and she usually has a book or two that she is writing, so I will just have to wait and see.
Easy Grammar
Daily Grams
Wordly Wise Book 8

Math--Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra

Science--Apologia Physical Science

Bible--family Bible study, independent Bible reading, weekly Scripture memory.

Rosetta Stone Spanish


  1. Roan, the algebra is where I would begin to feel inadequate to say the least. You may be much better with math than me, but what do you do about a subject that is not your best?

  2. How do you like Teaching Textbooks, Roan? I've used Saxon til now but am seriously thinking about making the switch next year to Teaching Textbooks Algebra for my oldest. It looks like they have lots of computer instruction available if my son should choose to use it. My first choice is always that they learn from reading the explanation and examples. I think I'm going to switch my girls to Singapore, though Saxon has obviously served us well (the kids are prepared).