Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Trip to Nashville

We spent most of our Spring Break working in our yard, but we did break away for a two day trip to Nashville. We left early Tuesday morning, and our first stop was at Loretta Lynn's Country Kitchen for lunch. The restaurant was decorated with photos and posters of Loretta, and the background music was her songs. The kids were amused that I knew the words to many of them!

This bull was outside Loretta Lynn's restaurant....not sure why!

When we arrived in Nashville, our first stop was the Ryman Auditorium. This is where the Grand Ole Opry was originally located, and since we had tickets for the Grand Ole Opry show that night, we thought it would be interesting to tour the original site.

inside the auditorium

As we walked into the auditorium, Sam asked me, "Is this church?" Well, we learned during a short informative video about the history of the Ryman that it was originally built to be used as a church building. Sam was right!

at the side of the backstage area

Center stage!

Julie, Sam, and Clay enjoying the tour

Sam and Leah with their collection of "maps". They both collected brochures, cards, and maps throughout our trip. Leah kept hers in the little purse that Julie crocheted for her.

After leaving the Ryman, we checked into our hotel and rested for a little bit. Next we went to the Opry Mills mall food court for a quick supper before the show.

Jimmy, Me, and Sam
Every time we eat at the Opry Mills Mall food court, we sit at one of these tables that have a "grass" tabletop. When Olivia, Julie, and Clay were younger, they thought these tables were so neat!

The Grand Ole Opry! I had really been looking forward to this! I am really the only country music fan in our family, but I knew that everyone would enjoy the show. Jimmy had never heard of any of the current stars of the show, but I knew all of them and the songs they sang (except for a couple of new songs that they sang for us!). The new stars that entertained us were Jason Michael Carroll, Eric Church, Randy Houser, and Daryll Worley. Sam fell asleep in my lap just as the show was beginning, but I still had a grand time. Jimmy and the kids were amused again that I knew so many of the lyrics! It was a great show!

waiting while Daddy picked up our tickets

waiting for the show to begin

The next morning we toured Belle Meade, which is an old horse plantation. The original plantation was over 5000 acres, but the mansion and the grounds cover 30 acres today. It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed seeing the beautiful home and all of the various buildings.

Olivia outside of Belle Meade Plantation

Leah and Sam were in a picture posing mood. They would run a few steps, and then say, "Take my picture!"

The next three pictures were taken inside and outside of the carriage house.

Leah, Sam, and Clay all thought this little man was so funny!

Here is Leah checking to make sure all of her "maps" were still there.

being silly

Sam inside a fireplace!

One picture, all five children!


  1. Great pictures! Hope ya'll had fun and it is obvious that you did. Missed seeing you last week and look forward to this week.

  2. Looks like fun! I have really missed seeing ya'll this weekend! Leah is looking so much older!

  3. Roan,
    What beautiful family pictures! We finally got some pictures of all four of our kids together, too! A rare occasion, huh? Have a great week and please note my blog's new address!

  4. Roan-I wanted to say hello since I've been stalking your blog lately. :) I stumbled across your blog thru Boomama's blog, and then realized that I actually know (of) you. My husband and I met you and Jimmy when we visited your church with Leigh Prince. And Jimmy knows my father-in-law thru Cardiology. ANYWAY, just wanted to make a connection and let you know how much I LOVE your blog. So nice to read perspectives from another mom, Christian, and Cards wife! Take care! Jennifer Cavender