Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Monday, April 19th, Olivia turned 15 years old! I cannot believe that she is 15! It seems just like yesterday that Jimmy and I were new parents.....Olivia arrived 5 weeks early, and I was not quite ready! Olivia has always been a precious child. She was an easy baby to take care of, and she has brought me nothing but joy and delight for 15 years. She has grown and matured into a godly young lady, and Jimmy and I couldn't be more proud of her.

To celebrate her birthday, Olivia invited a few of her friends for a sleepover party....10 giggling girls who spent the entire time crocheting, laughing, and shrieking! I served them spaghetti, salad, and bread for supper. Olivia requested a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing, and she chose cookie dough ice cream to go along with it. What a combination!

all the girls gathered around the table

the birthday girl with her cake

I decorated the table with brightly colored yarn and a variety of crochet hooks. Just as I expected, as soon as the girls sat down, they grabbed the yarn, the hooks, and began to crochet! I am glad I got a picture of the table before they arrived!

I love these plates!

Monday we spent the day together as a family. We began the day with coffee and present opening! We gave Olivia a New King James study Bible, some colored pencils, the movie Chariots of Fire, a crochet book, and a Kindle. She was pleasantly surprised by her gifts. Olivia has always showed such excitement and appreciation when opening her gifts. She is fun to watch!

ready to open the gifts!

I made banana applesauce muffins for her birthday breakfast, and then Olivia enjoyed a leisurely day of reading and crocheting. Olivia wanted to eat her birthday lunch at Ichiban (a Japanese restaurant), and after such a big lunch, we decided to just eat cereal for supper! We watched Chariots of Fire after lunch, and then we all went to the city park so we could run.

It really was a nice day.


  1. You inspire me to do a better job on our birthday celebrations. I have gotten very lax about REALLY celebrating. Lauren's birthday is next week and then we are on a roll with one or two every month until November!

  2. Happy birthday to a sweet, sweet girl!!

  3. I'm so glad Olivia had a special birthday. We love birthdays too. We celebrate for days! What precious memories!

  4. I'm so glad Olivia had a special birthday. We love birthdays too. We celebrate for days! What precious memories!

  5. You've also inspired me to do a little better with the birthday celebrations. Everybody needs one day a year to feel special :)

  6. What a fun day! Olivia is a beautiful young lady! You must be a proud mom. It sounds like she had a great birthday and received very practical presents. I liked the idea of the yarn and crochet needles. I, too, like crocheting and am teaching my children. It is a helpful thing to know in life. Also, the strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting sounds likes a cake that would have been requested here.

  7. Happy belated birthday to Olivia!
    What a special day she had!!
    She's a beautiful young lady!! I know you guys are so proud of her!!
    God bless!!

  8. Happy Birthday to Olivia! :) Roan, thank you so much for sharing at the mother's brunch. I love our family's birthday traditions to celebrate the birthday child, and I enjoyed hearing how your family celebrates together too.

  9. Olivia looks like she could be a model on the cover of 17 magazine. She is such a natural beauty (Inside and out)!