Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Easter

The Saturday before Easter we hosted an Easter Egg hunt. I hid 575 eggs for the 50 or so children to find. Olivia, Julie, and some of their friends thought they were too old to hunt for eggs this year, so I told them they did not have to! But, would they please run out in the yard around the barn and each pick up 10 eggs.....during the actual egg hunt.....just to help me out with the cleaning up.....they happily helped! Since I hid the eggs a couple of hours before the hunt, and since it was around 80 degrees, the chocolate inside the eggs was melted!

Almost ready to hunt the eggs

looking everywhere for eggs

Sam, looking for an egg.
I almost forgot about Sam! He was asleep when our guests arrived. I was just about to say, "GO" for the egg hung to begin when I remembered him! My sister-in-law, Jenny, went inside and woke him up so he could find eggs too!

Cousins--Grace and Leah

The children had been begging us all week to take the winter cover off the pool. As soon as our egg hunt was over, we opened up the pool. Yes, the water is freezing! And yes, Clay does not mind the water temperature.

The children in their new Easter frocks!
I thought the yellow and blue was so pretty!

The Easter bunny came to our house and left each child a basket of candy and a book. Sam ate so much candy on Sunday that by bedtime he was sick!

After our morning church service we invited Jimmy's cousin, Season and her husband, Ryan over to enjoy our lunch with us.

After our evening church service, Jimmy and three other men from church went for a run. A long run. Jimmy ended up running almost 13 miles, and the other men a little less, because when he finished, Jimmy went in his car and picked them up one by one as he came to them. While he was out running for 2 hours, Jimmy missed the excitement at home. We came home from church to no electricity! It apparently had been off since 6 PM, and we got home around 7:45. Our power was restored a little before 10PM. As I told the children, this was not in my plan! Our house looked was a usual for a Sunday evening after I rest on Sunday afternoons and the whole house falls apart. Normally on Sunday nights after we eat our Sunday Night Cereal Supper, we spend 30-45 minutes tidying up the entire house. But with no power, and it was dark!, the kids thought we would be skipping this fun event! After I realized that we may not have power until morning, I gathered all the candles I could find, put headlights on the children, and we all got to work! We cleaned the house anyway! Just as we were getting ready for bed the power came back on. Yay!

All in all, it was a good day!


  1. I hate I missed the egg hunt. The kids look so cute in their Easter attire! :)

  2. Roan,

    It looks like you guys have a lovely eater! The kids look so nice in their Easter attire. I just love yellow and blue! It's the colors in my kitchen! God bless!!