Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Van Can

The van trash can.....
Today's tip is actually not my original idea. My friend Lynn shared this wonderful idea with me a couple of years ago. I have always used those plastic grocery store sacks for our van trash. The children would pass me their trash, and I would hang the plastic bag on a knob or something in the front of the van. Not very attractive!
Now I have a small wastebasket that we keep on the floor between the seats on the second row. It has to be emptied almost every day!

There is one problem: it frequently falls over while I am driving, scattering trash all over the floor! Do any of you have a suggestion about how I can keep it upright?

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  1. I have a van bag....

    it's usually a grocery store bag I've tucked into a seat pocket. I pull it out when we have trash. And it hooks onto those little grocery hooks (so no spillage). And I toss the bag at the end of the trip or when it is full:)

  2. I use a small trunk organizer- it has a divider in the middle so I can make the trash can fit in there pretty snugly. I use the other half to store paper towels, plastic baggies,etc.

    This is similar to the one I have, mine is a little bigger:

    It works perfectly! My trash can has never fallen over !

  3. We used to use a plastic grocery sack, too - we would loop it over the seat belt and let it sit on the floor between the bucket seats up front. We've used a flat box with the flaps folded down. Now hubby wants to get a collapsible soft trash can (you can get them at auto stores) about the size of a large coffee can. How to strap it down, though? Velcro on the floor and on the bottom of the can? We're working on it. You know - a coffee can with a bungee cord around it somewhere could work, too.


    p.s. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! You're already on mine - I found you through my friend Kimberly at Raising Olives. :-)

  4. we have a Honda van and they have accessories you can get with your van. One is a bag that can shut and hung. Here is the link Check out the cargo tray for those with the drop down area behind the back seat. I wouldn't want to be without mine!

  5. We use a trash can in the back of our van for all our emergency stuff (fix a flat, jumper cables, etc.) and I used bungee cords to secure it to the bottom frame of the seat.

  6. We use a trash bag looped around the cup holder up front. It's right there in plain sight. Not the prettiest thing but it works. I like the velcro on the bottom of a small trash can idea.

  7. I have a wide plastic dishpan from the grocery store, that fits on the 'hump' on the floor between seats (the baby car seat is above it). I put the grippy side of velcro strips on the bottom of the dishpan. The grippy velcro grabs the carpet on the floor, and I don't need the 'fuzzy' side of the velcro at all. Rejoice! MelRae

  8. Okay, I realize I am really late on this, but I was reading old WFMWs and found this. I have a "van can" too. I had the same problem, when you turn a corner it tipped over. I bought a bag of decorative rocks from the dollar store and put it in the bottom of the can. (Don't open the bag just put the whole thing in.) It has enough weight to keep the can from tipping and me from having to pick up trash that has flown across the car.