Thursday, June 25, 2009

San Francisco Day 5

On this day we visited Alcatraz, which was interesting and a little bit creepy! A ferry carried us across the bay to the prison.

Sam, reading the map to Jimmy, Russ, and Olivia

Olivia, Julie, Megan, and Clay enjoying the breezy ferry ride

Leah and Me on the ferry

Clay and Julie

Something must be very interesting down there!

Alcatraz is now a sanctuary for birds and flowers.

Leah and Sam with their headphones. Alcatraz offers an audio tour guide. I can't remember how long it lasts, but Sam only lasted about 20 minutes with his headphones.

The children and I are posing inside a jail cell .
After leaving Alcatraz Island, we ate lunch at Fisherman's Wharf. Olivia wasn't feeling well, so she, Jimmy, Leah, and Sam headed back to the hotel for the afternoon. Julie and Clay stayed with Russ and Megan. They explored downtown San Francisco, rode a cable car, and visited Chinatown. Later that evening, Olivia felt better so Jimmy dropped us off at Chinatown for a brief shopping excursion. He picked up the rest of our party, then picked us back up, and we all returned to the hotel for the night.

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