Saturday, June 13, 2009

San Francisco Day 4

This entire day was spent in the Point Reyes National Seashore area. About an hour's drive from San Francisco, the National Seashore provides the most beautiful and the most diverse landscape and wildlife! In this one area you will find beaches, mountains, boulders, sand, a dairy farm complete with hundreds of cows grazing on the steep mountainside, deer, elephant seals, prairie dogs, snakes, and a lighthouse. God's creation and creativity is breathtaking and truly amazing!

Limontour Beach. We had a picnic and briefly viewed the beach. It was so windy!

around the lighthouse area at Point Reyes

You can see the diverse vegetation.....the previous picture of Leah is taken in the same area

If there are rocks, the kids will climb!

Sam and Clay as high as they could go. Notice Clay holding on to Sam--we didn't want him to jump off the mountain! Sam is fearless, and there were no guardrails!

Beautiful beach in the backgroud

Enjoying God's creation

Now Olivia is holding on to Sam!


climbing a tree on the trail to the lighthouse

Leah in the tree
The variety of wildlife impressed me! Here you can see some of the dairy cows.....

And just a little bit down the can see elephant seals!

Cute little seal!
By the time we reentered the San Francisco area, it was dark. Jimmy took several beautiful pictures of the illuminated Golden Gate Bridge.

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  1. What a great picture of the golden gate bridge!