Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Big Catch!

Wow! Look at those fish!

Clay, Jimmy, and Pop fished yesterday. Jimmy had to leave them after just a short time, right when the fish were beginning to bite. Clay stayed with Pop and his friend, and came home around 10 last night.

Clay and Pop


Proud Clay with his big catfish!

While Clay and Pop continued to fish, the rest of us enjoyed dinner at Amit and Shruti's house. Amit and Shruti are originally from India, and Shruti prepared us the most delicious authentic Indian meal. Thankfully my children are not picky eaters, and they tried everything Shruti served. Leah and Sam's favorite part of the meal was the biscuits, which are actually cookies.
Amit and Shruti are sweet friends of ours, and we really appreciated their hospitality!


  1. You can tell he is so proud of those fish! What a fun time for him!

  2. Nice catch Clay! I'm sure they will be good to eat!

  3. How fun for Clay!! These are times he will always remember!! So precious!!

    I hope your week is wonderful Roan!! I have missed visiting you!!

    Blessings and hugs,

  4. What a great catch! He looks so happy in the pictures! Glad you enjoyed your meal!! And that the kids tried it all!